Directed by Garin Nugroho

One of 2007's most remarkable films, this Javanese epic from Indonesia's leading director combines superb gamelan music, sensuous dance, sumptuous set and costume design, and seven artists' instillations to create a new kind of musical, as exhilaratingly fresh as The Red Shoes or The Unbrellas of Cherbourg.

Set against a backdrop of religious and political turmoil, the story - updated from southeast Asia's classic The Ramayana - OPERA JAWA concerns the violent emotions aroused when potter's wife  Sinta attracts the unwelcome attentions of Ludiro, a ruthless and powerful merchant.
Garin Nugroho blends traditional and modern elements throughout, producing a mythically tiemless parable of female desire in conflict with male inadequacy and greed, and a powerful requiem for lives wrecked by poverty, intolerance and bloodshed.
The fabulous imagery and Rahayu Supanggah's gorgeous music make for a thrilling celebration of multicultural riches - wholly in keeping with the New Crowned Hope film project, to which this is perhaps the sexiest and most startling contribution.

colour.   2006.    120 mins.

DVD Features:

  • Garin Nugroho short film Tanjang Priok/Jakarta
  • Promo Trailer
  • Peter Sellers on OPERA JAWA essay

"Exquisitely erotic ...unlike anything you have ever seen or heard before."  Tony Rayns

"This is stunning viewing."  Metro

"A masterpiece... Thrilling and poetic."  Financial Times

“an exotic jewel ...gorgeous ...sumptuous.  A wonderful experience.”  The Guardian

“Delightful, sexuallly charged, revolutionary.You won’t have seen anything like this before. It’s a treat.”  Time Out