Directed by Nagisa Oshima

Oshima's second feature is a shocking tale of youthful delinquency in post-Hiroshima Japan. Conveying the pent-up sexuality and disillusionment among Japan's post-war generation it tells the story of teenage lovers Makoto and Kiyoshi. She's a good-girl-gone-bad, dropping out of school and out of home; he's a violent hoodlum, gambler and hustler. Making a living by performing shakedowns and attempting blackmail on unsuspecting middle-aged men, the film affords a bleak, nihlistic take to the 'taiyozako' (Japanese cinema's 'delinquent youth' films).
 Often cited as Japan's Rebel Without a Cause, Naked Youth tops that film's nihilism, and lacks that film’s optimism – Oshima’s delinquent rebel Kiyoshi is filled only with rage and disgust. All of life's harsh realities await Makoto and Kiyoshi. This is no morality lesson or cautionary tale, just a window into a terrible vision of humanity.


Bold, incisive, provocative.” Film Ref.

The most influential Japanese filmmaker of his generation.”  Jasper Sharp

DVD Includes:
All-new digital transfer with new translation;
Jasper Sharp essay.