Directed by A J Anilla

Blending traditional Chinese swordplay film with elements from Finland's sprawling national epic, the Kalevala, director A J Annila has fashioned the first ever Finnish martial arts film. Honoring both his own heritage and the conventions of Chinese wuxia film JADE WARRIOR tells of the legend of The Sampo, created by a legendary smith to help win the love of a woman and defeat a nameless demon.
In modern day Finland, Kai is a blacksmith charged with the task opening an ancient cask found with the mummified remains of a four thousand year old man. The metallic case is of craftsmanship well beyond anything that could possibly have been imagined in its era, a case that responds to Kai's touch, opening to release a powerful being within and triggering waves of visions that clearly link Kai to an ancient legend and to an all-powerful evil...
This Scandanavian and Asian box-office smash stars Chinese superstar Zhang Jingchu (SEVEN SWORDS, PEACOCK, RUSH HOUR 3) and Aki Kaurismaki regular Markku Peltola (DRIFTING CLOUDS, MAN WITHOUT A PAST).

DVD Extras:

  • 4 Behind-the-scenes documentaries;
  • Director Commentary;
  • Teaser & Trailers;
  • Music Video;
  • Dolby 5.1;
  • Photo gallery.

“A treat... puts many big budgeters to shame.”   Variety

“Simply gorgeous. The fusion of cultures makes for a fascinating new spin on the venerable genre. Annila executes with style and flair. Strongly recommended.”   Twitch Film

“A very watchable, enjoyable film. Successfully blends drama and fantasy.” KFC Cinema

“There have never been more convincing fights staged by a non-Chinese director.”    Variety