Fighting Elegy

Director: Seijun Suzuki


A subversively funny account of the making of a model fascist.  Often cited as Suzuki's most personal (and political) work, the film charts the the progress of prim and repressed adolescent Kiroku as he fights his way from the scholyards of the 1930's to political revolution in the 1950's.
This stark, darkly comic vision of Japanese youth driven into a frenzy of brutal, militaristic violence by its own sexual frustration is a riotous and disturbing satire.

With a screenplay by Onibaba director Kaneto Shindo, the film also boasts hyper-realistic fight sequences that are years ahead of their time.

Japan.    1966.   B&W.   86 mins.


DVD Features:

Suzuki Collection trailer reel
Jasper Sharp essay


"The film goes where no film had gone before."  Tony Rayns