Santo in the Wax Museum

Mexican cultural icon and wrestling superstar SANTO makes his UK DVD premiere in this classic adventure.  A superstar in the arena, the hero of comic books and a score of Mexican sci-fi/horror/action movies, SANTO is a genuine phenomena.
A young female photographer disappears after visiting the new wax museum for a magazine photo shoot. The museum's proprietor, Dr. Karol (Claudio Brook), pleads innocent and asks his professor friend to enlist Santo to investigate the crime and clear his good name...but is he as innocent as he appears..? And is Santo walking into a deadly trap?

Mixing elements of horror, sci-fi and bone-crunching wrestling action, SANTO IN THE WAX MUSEUM is a classic, quintessential Santo adventure.

Mexico.  1963.     B&W.     92 min.


"He's Batman, Doc Savage and a WWF star all rolled into one!"  Eccentric Cinema