Mexican cultural icon and wrestling superstar SANTO stars in this UK DVD premiere in this classic adventure.  

A superstar in the arena, the hero of comic books and a score of Mexican sci-fi/horror/action movies, SANTO is a genuine phenomena.
Probably the best-known and widely-seen SANTO film, SANTO VS. THE SHE WOLVES begins in the dungeon of an old castle where the dying vampire Tundra and her werewolf hoardes have awakened and go out in search of blood to revive Zorina, the vampire queen. It is time for Zorina to join her lord Satan in Hell so Zorina's successor must be chosen... Santo faces his most diabolical and terrifying foe in this classic adventure from 1972.

If you aren't already familiar with Santo, he's a silver-masked wrestler who drives around in a convertible, sporting tights and a cape (no shirt). When he's not busy fighting in the ring, he's out fighting crime in the shape of various monsters and super villains. So come with us for a trip back to the days when masked men not only wrestled in the ring, but fought gangsters, werewolves, vampires, martians and killer mummies as a sideline!

Mixing elements of horror, sci-fi and bone-crunching wrestling action, SANTO VS. THE SHE-WOLVES is Santo's most terrifying adventure!

Mexico.  1972.     colour.     86 min.

DVD Extras: Trailer reel.

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"Fabulous entertainment!"  Film4

"He's Batman, Doc Savage and a WWF star all rolled into one!"  Eccentric Cinema